Soundtrack Pro: Mixing Records

Soundtrack Pro: Mixing Records

Bill Cammack demonstrates the basics of mixing records using Soundtrack Pro.

Track used for demo: “Aren’t You Proud?” by Strange Faces [].

I wanted to run through some mixing basics really quickly, which turned out to be 11 minutes long anyway. \o/

When you have individual tracks that you want to make into a coherent, good-sounding recording, the first thing you want to do is arrange them in a way where you can understand the board and navigate quickly to sections you want to work on. I like going in the order Drums, Bass Guitar, Regular Guitar(s), Other Instruments, Vocals, Busses (basically, groups you create to organize your track outputs and affect them all at the same time).

Even though the vocal’s normally the most important part of a record, the drums actually carry it as far as I’m concerned, so I like to get that sounding decent before moving forward. What’s going to happen is that as you add more elements, they’re going to utilize the same frequencies and fight each other, changing the sound that you had already set up. That means that even if your drums sound perfect to you by themselves, they might not sound like that after you add other parts, so you need to go back and get them to sound the way you want them WITH everything playing at the same time.

The same will be true when you SOLO tracks (meaning you listen to them without the rest of the instruments). You might solo an instrument and think it sounds pretty bad, but when everything else is playing, it sounds great, so don’t psych yourself out listening to individual tracks because you’ll end up going in circles.

There’s a lot more to it.. I just wanted to get this video out so y’all can get an idea of what goes on during the mixing process. Stay Tuned for more specifically-focused content! :D

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