How To Make A News Show

How To Make A News Show

Bill Cammack shows you how to make your own News Show using Final Cut Pro. Connect with Bill on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn


  1. Now that would be an awesome addition to my website, I always wondered how they did that.

    Thanks again,


    • You’re welcome, Jayson. 🙂

      As I showed you, it’s really easy to do. Nothing really technical about it. I’m sure you can do the exact same thing in iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.

      I’m starting this weekend with new episodes, so if you have anything you’d like to see a video on, send it to! 😀

      • Really like the way you share useful tips and tricks in a context. This is so much more useful than just sharing how to do something in FCP.

        Wondering if you plan to show anything with audio?



        • Sorry I was so late to find your reply, Kamla. Thanks. 😀

          Yes, I’m going to show audio projects from Soundtrack Pro. I got bogged down in a bunch of work projects, but I’ll be back on track with this project in a minute.

          Cheers! 😀

  2. Amanda

    This tutorial was really funny. That was really quick and cool. I might use that technique on my show, but not quite in the news format…

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