FCP Editing Tips

FCP Editing Tips

In this episode of Indy Mogul‘s “4 Minute Film School”, Emmy Award Winning Video Editor, Bill Cammack, teaches Steve some handy dandy tips for using Final Cut Pro.

Written & Edited by Steve Nelson & Bill Cammack
Park scenes filmed by Ramon DeSouza

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  1. Toné Mc Guire

    GREAT thank you…. I love your knowledge of Final cut…. please keep me in your loop of wisdom…. I think what you are doing to help people like me is wonderful…thanks a lot.. Toné McGuire

    • Thank you, Toné! I appreciate that. 😀

      I’m just getting started. Keep an eye on http://billcqc.com for at the most, weekly updates.

      I’m also planning live Q&A sessions, but first things first. 🙂

      Cheers! 😀

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